Wedding Fair Tuscan Style

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While on a visit to Arezzo, we were wandering around the main square and noticed a bride and groom seated at a table. There was a photographer there but a shortage of guests so I thought I would ask if I too could take a photo for my celebrant website.

It turned out that they were photographers for wedding ceremonies, called Tuscany Photographers. They explained that they own a couple of wedding venues and are planning a Wedding Showcase al Castello di Valenzano on April 19.

They were very friendly and asked about what I did and, luckily, I had a business card to give them. They invited me to be their guest at this event as they often have British clients and would be interested in offering something more personal for them.  Anyway, it is a good opportunity to see how the wedding market works out here and to make some new contacts and hopefully some friends in the business.

Read about the wedding fair here.